5 Ways To Boost Air Quality In Your Bathroom

Air Quality In Your Bathroom

Poor bathroom ventilation has the capacity to cause air pollution, moisture and mold in your home especially in the bathroom. When you clear the used air, by way of adequate Bathroom Ventilation, the air you breathe becomes purified leaving out bad smells.

The quality of the air within your home is often worse than the quality outside, and much of this is as a result of poor home ventilation.

Signs Of Poor Ventilation

When you are having red, itchy eyes especially while at home, then it is probably because you are having poor ventilation. Also, when your bathroom window is always covered in condensation, you could have poor ventilation. Mold and mildew on bathroom ceilings and intense but lasting odours are other common signs or poor ventilation.

Putting these important and professional tips in to practice will help you to boost the quality of air circulating in your bathroom.

1.Employ many avenues or options to dry out your bathroom

Install a shower that makes use of small window and fan. The reason is that both of them work in such a way to allow for the entrance of fresh air and the uniform circulation of the fresh air.  On the other hand, a shorter shower helps to reduce mildew and mold because of the little amount of moisture that needs to be removed. Therefore, if you have a steam shower, try to place the fan outside the shower.

2.Employ the use of a standard top-quality fan

Using a top-quality fan is necessary in your bid to get a better indoor air quality. If you have a noisy fan, no one will want to use it. So, it is better to get a noiseless fan that operates in such a way that nobody hears the sound.

3.Employ the use of a floor heating system

Your floor heating system should be allowed inside the shower in order to give you the optimum performance. Nothing dries out a shower floor or bathroom tile floor quickly than a top performing floor heat. So having a good floor heating system will help to dry your bathroom faster and improve the air quality in that bathroom.

4.Ensure shower panels give enough space for ventilation

The glass panels in your bathroom should not go all the way to the top of your bathroom ceiling so as to get enough air circulation. Keeping the frameless glass installations from the floor to the ceiling top is not ideal. This will be an excellent model for perfect Bathroom Ventilation position. The glass doors and the walls should not steam and vapours from leaving the shower.

5.Consider using shower transom

A shower transom is the bar normally placed horizontally across the window. The transom above the door of a shower can help to dry the shower when the door is closed and bringing the fan close to it also draws away used air especially when the door is closed. A steam shower operates optimally when using large bathroom fan.

While is healthy to maintain fresh air in your bathroom, you should not lose sight of the fact that adding a remote timer so that you can turn on your bathroom fan any time of the day will be an added advantage.  Also, a fan with motion sensor is necessary for those who have kids and may not remember to turn on (or off) the fan timer every time.


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